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The Quick Links option in the toolbar provides access to the:


Administrative Code;

Proposed Rules Open for Comment;

Rules on Rules;


Agency Listing;

Rule Making Process;

Administrative Procedure Act;

Exempt Agencies; and

Exempt Agency Rules: Business Council


Administrative Code

The Administrative Code link is provided to meet the statutory requirement of W.S. 16-3-105. The Code contains an indexed and compiled list, by Agency and Program, of all current rules adopted by the Agency. Once a rule is approved by the Governor and filed within the system, the Administrative Code is immediately updated.


The Code also contains information about the chapters of rules which have been repealed. Emergency rules are not part of the Code.


You have the ability to conduct a word or phrase search on against the code simply be entering text and selecting the search option.


All rules, with the exception of proposed rules, are numbered in such a way as to create a unique reference number.  The number is facilitated by use of state agency numbers (budget numbers), rule program numbers, rule chapter numbers, and each rule’s effective date.  This indexing method assures understanding of which rule is being discussed and when each rule version was effective. 





Proposed Rules Open for Comment

This Quick Link conducts a search to identify only those proposed rules records for which the public comment period is open at the time of selection.


By default, all records are returned. But you can narrow the results by choosing one of the grouping options:




From the search results, you may view and/or download the proposed rule as well as Provide Public Comment by selecting the link. When selected, you will be provided with a pop-up message containing a "Send Comments" button as well as the address to which comments will be sent. NOTE: Some agencies may have a website (URL) dedicated to the collection of public comment on proposed rules.




If your email is web-based, the "Send Comments" link will open a new mail message in the current web browser window. If you email uses its own software, e.g. Microsoft Outlook, a new mail message will open within that software. And, if the "Send Comments" link is a URL, you will be redirected to tat website within the current web browser window.



Rules on Rules

This Quick Link conducts a search for current Rules on Rules for State Agencies and returns those results.




Curious about which forms need to be used when filing rules? This Quick Link will provide you with the necessary forms.



Agency Listing

The link provides a quick list of all agencies who have promulgated rules along with their Agency Number. This list is printable.



Rule Making Process

This link provides a PDF of the rule making process in Wyoming at a high level.


Administrative Procedure Act

A PDF of Wyoming's Administrative Procedure Act, as it pertains to rule making, is available via this link.


Exempt Agencies

A PDF containing information about state agencies which are exempt from the rule making provisions of Wyoming's Administrative Procedure Act, is available via this link.